Luxor - A luxury Fur Brand



LUXOR is a greek luxury brand of fur fashion and leather goods, which is owned by Michalopoulos Family. Luxor means luxury, what else? We strong believe that in fur fashion, luxury is a must!
Company was founded in 2004 (2015 as Luxor), and now operates about 3 directly operated stores in Greece and Russia.


Today, over 500 designers are pushing creative boundaries and redefining fur’s place in fashion, and Luxor brand is one of them.

From high fashion’s haute couture to ready-to-wear garments and accessories, we are proud to promote the beauty of Luxor furs worldwide.

To exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative and bespoke fur creations, we always do the right thing. With precision, work and passion we are manufaturing and design anything related to fur. With the belief that quality has no limits, to raise the luxury of the fur fashion and every day and create value for our clients.

Thus our priority is and always has been “to offer fashion with luxury high quality”

Luxor brand is always in participation at the leading fur exhibitions that are held every year around the world.

Find LUXOR FURS in Kastoria & Katerini, Greece

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Luxor Furs creates High Quality Fur products, exclusively made in Greece using greek traditional manufacturing techniques. Luxury for everyone!

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